What is Vegan Buzz Marketing? The Definitive Guide

If you want your communication to go viral and raise awareness about the quality of your vegan products, even with the help of those who re-share your content, here's how to use Buzz Marketing to increase your sales. You would like your vegan business to be known to a wider audience and more potential customers. You have decided to engage more on social media and perhaps put out a press release. But with what content? If your social posts get shared several times, that's already a good result. Still, you want more. You want people who read it to

Is your vegan brand using the right light?

The best type of light for photographing your plant-based products depends on the subject matter and the desired mood. What does your vegan brand want to express? Food lighting to evoke a certain mood Light can have a big impact on the appearance of photographed food. Soft, diffused light tends to create a warm and inviting atmosphere that is generally more suitable for photographing delicate, gourmet vegan dishes. On the other extreme, harder light tends to be more appropriate for photographing hearty, rustic dishes or plant-based products targeted at a younger audience. Bright sunlight evokes the outdoors and physical

11 Ways To Ride 2022 Vegan Trends With Winning Visuals

The year 2022 has begun and it's shaping up to be an unpredictable and turbulent year to say the least. Changes are rapid, the health emergency is not over and the political situation is unstable. Now, as if two years of pandemic were not enough, Russia’s attack on Ukraine is bringing more disruption. This year it would be particularly unreasonable to claim to predict what the future will bring. Next week's world could be completely different from last week's. However, we can analyze the data available to us today and speculate on developments. How The War In Ukraine Is Impacting

Winning Vegan Visual Brand Identity

Your company sells spring onion tofu spread. Do you really want to show just the packaging or a tartine? How about suggesting instead a squash, carrot and orange soup with a delicious swirl of your product? Let's create a special atmosphere, evoke the pleasure of sitting down at that table, delighting in the colors and exquisite aromas. Make your audience perceive those flavors and the innovative combinations, the quality of the experience… Captivating images In the past, adding a little green leaf somewhere in the logo or on the packaging was enough to be remembered by health

Vegan Visual Content Strategy Explained

Wouldn’t you like to attract new customers that understand the values of your brand in a blink of an eye? Easy: put what you believe in into pictures! A picture is worth a thousand words, which is both good and bad news. If your products and services are excellent, but their visual presentation is poor… your potential customers might not feel the desire to give them a try. In other words: the quality of your images subliminally communicates the quality of your products. Eye-catching, mouth-watering images will communicate that your products are appetizing and attract new customers. Of course,

2021 Vegan Trends: turbocharge your business using effective visual content

The vegan market is doing incredibly well and plant-based options appeal to an increasingly broad audience. Let’s take a closer look at 2021 vegan trends… What are the vegan trends of 2021 and how to translate them into successful visual communication?

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