Winning Vegan Visual Brand Identity

Your company sells spring onion tofu spread. Do you really want to show just the packaging or a tartine? How about suggesting instead a squash, carrot and orange soup with a delicious swirl of your product? Let's create a special atmosphere, evoke the pleasure of sitting down at that table, delighting in the colors and exquisite aromas. Make your audience perceive those flavors and the innovative combinations, the quality of the experience… Captivating images In the past, adding a little green leaf somewhere in the logo or on the packaging was enough to be remembered by health food stores customers. Today, with the rising demand for vegan options and the incredible expansion of the plant-based food market, that’s not the case anymore. Nowadays supermarkets have big vegan sections and even the fast-food industry is trying hard to win over customers who avoid animal-derived ingredients. To meet the booming popularity of veganism, the market now offers a growing range of products that appeal to flexitarians too. Being able to conquer the attention of your potential customers in the blink of an eye is more crucial than ever now. Your visuals need to effectively communicate your brand’s values and leave an impression. Your customers’ perception of your brand is determined by both the quality of what you sell and the available information about it and your company. Every day consumers may interact with different contexts in which your brand is mentioned. Some environments are under your direct control (website, social media, customer support, salespeople, advertising, newsletters, press releases…) others aren’t (news, reviews, rumors, gossip…). All this information contributes to shaping your brand reputation and creating opinions and feelings among potential customers. Although you can’t have 100% control over how your brand is perceived, you can certainly do a lot