No, if you want to know more about my photography, please visit my personal website. Here I only share vegan food pictures, reaching out to vegan food businesses.
I will certainly orient toward your needs, that’s why I want to understand your brand characteristics before shooting. I love new challenges and trying new things, at the same time I have my own personal photographic eye. Let’s discuss what you have in mind and find out if I am the right photographer for your project.

It depends on what I need to do. In certain specific projects I can do the job as a one-man-show without all the accoutrements of a production with multiple professionals, other times I need the help of a food stylist and other professional figures.

The food stylist makes food look at its best in a picture and knows all the tricks to arranging it for the camera. A photo showing fresh, apparently casually arrayed food may have taken hours of pre-production and preparation. That’s why there are food stylists who are highly specialized and might work just with ice-cream, just with sandwiches, or just with cakes and desserts.
Many of the food pictures on this website have been styled by me, but the expertise of a professional food stylist is oftentimes much needed on a set to optimize the workflow.

A home economist is a professional trained in culinary art who prepares and cooks the food. In biggish food photography productions, the home economist takes care of the cooking and the food stylist of the presentation. They may work with the help of assistants too. In smaller productions one person may handle both roles.

I have lots of props (plates, glasses, cutlery, napkins…) to suit most shoots. But sometimes something else is needed. That’s when the prop stylist starts searching for the right props to buy or rent and assists on set.

In rare cases, a food photo needs an ambience beyond the tabletop. That’s when a set stylist sets off on a hunt for different or additional props (chairs, plants, paintings…) and organizes the set. If a particular visual situation is needed, a set designer envisions and creates it.

Depending on the images to be shot, the organization of the work can change a lot. On the “How I work” page you can find a description of the different phases of a production.

Location is not an issue. Are the photos for a magazine? It’s super easy to coordinate online. Are you a caterer? You send me a snapshot and the recipe of what you need to photograph and we do the magic. Do you sell vegan products? Send me a few samples and you’ll get the pictures of that specific dish with that specific atmosphere. Either way, you can be anywhere in the world and we can work together remotely.

Recipes are an excellent way to envision new ways and new settings for enjoying your products. Your potential customers have diverse needs you can appeal to by providing them with a range of ideas on meal plans and occasions.
Let’s say you produce tofu, tempt them with tantalizing photos of tofu cheesecake, tofu skewers or scrambled tofu.

Food photography can be relatively simple or quite complex, depending on your specific needs. I would be happy to discuss them with you and develop a personalized estimate.

Yes, absolutely. As owner of a communication agency I interfaced with my clients’ marketing departments, working with an array of photographers, graphic designers and illustrators to create impactful images.

Sure, I can help you define and develop your photographic content strategy.
If you need to develop the full visual expression of your brand (photography, lettering, graphics…), I can work in a team with other professionals.
If you already work with a creative agency that defines your brand’s visual guidelines, I will help implement their strategy.
I am used to working with small creative teams in synergy with my clients’ marketing departments.

Once we go over your goals, your target, your products… opportunities to improve your visual brand will gel right before our eyes. I can translate your brand values into powerful visual content and marketing materials. We can look at my proposals together and decide which way to go.

If you want to write a nice article about Vegan Clicks, visit the Newsroom where you’ll find images and texts (or drop me a line and let me know what you have in mind). If you want to use the photos to illustrate your content, we can choose the best pictures based on your budget. Please also read the Copyright section.

There are two main differences:

  • Ethical vegans (including photographers!) wants everything vegan to succeed and will take particular care to make sure their clients thrive.
  • A vegan photographer knows vegan food and is therefore better able to communicate the taste, aroma and attractiveness of plant-based dishes.

Vegan food businesses, magazines, health food stores, supermarkets… maybe you?

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