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How I Work With Clients,
No Matter Where They Are In The World

This is how I organize my workflow:

In order to better help you, I want to be sure I understand your needs. Your pictures are crucial to defining your customer’s experience. That’s why I need to discuss with you or with your creative agency what’s most important for your brand:

Brand Identity
I will ask you
•    what makes your brand unique
•    who is your audience
•    what differentiates you from your competitors
•    what are your points of strength
•    what do you want to be known for

What do you want to obtain with the pictures? You might want to:
•    better define and develop your visual identity
•    boost brand awareness
•    launch new products
•    increase your customers’ loyalty
•    diversify consumption occasions
•    create engagement and trust
•    …

Where are you planning to use the pictures? You might want to communicate what makes your brand unique in many ways:
•    print advertising
•    online advertising
•    social media content
•    house organ
•    newsletter
•    cookbook
•    press office
•    billboards
•    …
Each media has different requirements. It’s important for me to know the proportions and formats you need

Vegan customers are not all the same. We’ll work together to speak to your ideal audience’s desires, pain points and needs.
Who would you like to reach primarily?
•    fitness enthusiasts want to see healthy proteins
•    environmentalists look for sustainable ingredients
•    flexitarians are sensitive to novelties
•    holistic wellbeing lovers look for good karma food
•    ethical foodies want their food to be compassionate
•    vegan fashionistas and hipsters want their meals to be trendy and cool
•    vegan gluttons … mmm (that’s me)
The right image for the right target will help you scale your success.

Visual Strategy
I need to know the most appropriate visual ingredients for your business communication. They include:
•    the style (minimalist, casual, rustic, vintage…)
•    the contest and the mood (evening dinner, snack…)
•    the color palette
•    how you normally inflect your visual communication (fonts, graphics…)

Once I understand your needs, how many pictures you want and how you are going to use them, I can prepare an estimate.
A simpler option might include:
•    pre-production and grocery shopping
•    photographer
•    post-production
•    license fee (rights of usage)

A more structured option might also include some of the following:
•    food stylist
•    home economist
•    prop stylist
•    assistants
•    studio hire
•    runners
•    hand artist
•    models
•    make up artist
•    stylist
•    retoucher
•    digital tech
•    camera hire
•    building days
•    …

If you also need help deciding what kind of images to use to better communicate your brand values
•    pictures strategy consultancy

Whether your requests are fulfilled with the help of a team or not depends on what needs to be done. I collaborate with some of the best professional figures in the business: food stylists, home economists, prop stylists.…

Given the Covid situation, I currently only work remotely.

30% upon accepting the estimate and the balance upon receipt of deliverables.

Once the estimate has been accepted, I can start organizing the shooting, buy the food, find props….

This is the shooting day, where all preparations converge into the creation of images

Once the images have been shot, they need to be selected and post-produced. This process may be fast or can also take a while depending on the nature of the shoot.

Now the images are ready for you to attract new customers, increase your sales and, most important, contribute to promoting a sustainable, cruelty-free lifestyle.

Would you like to win over your potential customers and tempt them to taste your vegan products with inviting images?
Remember: a good picture makes you sell more.

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