Vegan Food Photography: Pictures That Say A Thousand… Flavors!

Vegan Clicks is a boutique food photography service that will help you give potential customers the irresistible urge to taste your vegan dish.
Are you ready to extend your reach?
Read on.

My name is Enzo Dal Verme and I published my first photos in the year 2000, but they were not pictures of food.
I am known for my celebrity portraits and the images I shot around the world for Vanity Fair, L’Uomo Vogue, The Times, Marie Claire, GQ, Elle and many other magazines.
I also owned my own PR firm, specialized in launching new products, and worked for food brands, among others (find out more here…)

Being a hopeless idealist, I prefer to work for clients who share my same values. My biggest fulfillment is knowing that my pictures inspire someone to shop ethically and make a difference.
This way I can contribute to re-direct the money flow from un-ethical businesses toward vegan businesses and a sustainable economy that respects humans, animals and the environment.
And I love that :)

I approached food photography out of passion. I have been vegan since 1983, in other words since before the word “vegano” even existed in Italian! I love cooking and I like eating. Photographing food was a natural progression.

I know the products well because I eat them and cook them. Yes, I’m glutton! Faced with an inviting and yummy dish, I have a dilemma: do I eat it or photograph it?

The image of a dish must thrill, make your mouth water, give you the desire to taste it. Even the most delicious product will not appear tempting if it’s not presented and photographed in an attractive and inviting way.

I am in the rather unique position of being both an experienced photographer and a vegan pioneer, now on a mission to allure consumers with sexy vegan food photos.

Do you want to attract more clients?
Whether it’s photographs for advertising, for packaging, for a website or for social media… a good photo makes you sell more. If done well, it doesn’t only show a dish, but evokes the pleasure of good food and communicates the values of a lifestyle or brand.

I created this website to make my experience available to companies that sell good, cruelty free, plant-based products and services.
If you like my way of photographing and you want to reach a wider audience, I may be the person to help you.

Your future clients are waiting for you: win them over with inviting photos!

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